Getting a Beautiful Website in a Day

Commissioning a website can be difficult. The days and weeks slip by and you feel that you have got no further and start to wonder whether your site will ever be finished at all. Help is at hand using a method of creation that can guarantee you get a great website, fast.

Even for the smallest of sites, most website projects can take much longer to finish than you expect. Everyone starts with the greatest of intentions, but then you drop the ball, your developer starts working on a new project, or goes on vacation, there are more important things to do than gather together photos and content and there’s no real end date.

The end result is that the time and money you have invested up front is not working for you as quickly as it should do. And you are not getting your return on investment.

Oh, and sometimes when this happens, you and your developer get to the point where you aren’t exactly on speaking terms.

The Website in a Day Difference

Rather than a long drawn out process, the website in a day process is fast and efficient and is aimed at people that don’t have a lot of time but do want a professional online website presence – most small business owners.

The first action is to download and fill in the questionnaire. This gives me a lot of information, including what you do, who your competitors are, the reason for your site and the type of website that you like. Filling this in as well as possible up front means we save a lot of time later on.

Next, we have a one hour discovery meeting to go over the questionnaire where I ask you more questions to really get to know you, your business and your goals. I’ve been told that this meeting also helps the business owner really think about their business. We also go through what is expected of you. At the end of this we have a proposal that outlines exactly what you can expect from the process.

If we agree to proceed, the main job now will be to gather together the content for the website. I provide a checklist that can help you work out what content you need, and I can help provide direction if you become stuck. We also have another conversation before the build day.

Once you think that you have the content together, you come back to my website and book a build day. Once the day is booked, you are guaranteed to have your website up and running by the end of that day.

The build day begins and I start the website build based on our conversations, the questionnaire, the checklist and the content available. You are able to log in to see how the build is going, and I’ll call you to ask questions from time to time. Before the end of the day, we will launch your website onto the internet!

Website in a day is aimed at people:

  • who are (mostly) organised
  • time poor
  • need a website quickly

Gather Your Content

The content gathering will be the largest chunk of work. You can either do this yourself, have a member of staff to do it, or I have access to copywriters who can do this for you. Getting the content together all at once means that it is more likely to be completed within a short period of time.

Book Your Day

The beauty of this is that, when you book a build date, we are both committing to the website being built on that day. To do this, we are both guaranteeing that we are available. This removes the uncertainty associated with the traditional build process.

After the build day is complete and the website is on the internet, I’ll happily support it for you for 30 days to make sure that it is running properly while you go out and tell everyone that you’ve arrived!

Get Ongoing Help

In that case, have a look at a maintenance package. I can take the drudgery of maintaining a site away from you and make sure your site is being backed up and your site software is up to date.


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