Complete the questionnaire to understand the purpose of the site, its functionality, and the look and feel that ties into your values and your branding.


Take part in a discovery meeting to discuss your questionnaire and look at the good and bad points of your own website (if you have one), your competitor’s websites, and other sites that you like. This helps us to understand how your new website will look and feel. We will also go through the process in detail.


Provide your content. This includes any text, images, videos and audio files you might have. The quicker you can do this, the sooner you will be able to promote your new website.


Build your site! The big day arrives. Your content is ready, and the build of the site is started at 9 am. I will be in touch during the day with questions, and you will have the ability to look in and guide the build as it’s progressing. When you’re ready, book a day to build your site.


Ongoing support. You’ll receive ongoing support for a month following the go-live date. During this time I’ll make sure that your website plugins are kept up to date, monitor your site up time, keep an eye on security and deal with any website issues that might arise.

More information can be found on the Website Care Plans page.

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