Website Enhancement

From time to time you may feel like your house needs renovating to bring it back up to a place you’d love to spend time in. Of course, you could buy a new house, but that can be an extreme answer to your situation.

Likewise, with websites. There are times when you can’t save a website and you need to trash it and start again. There’s nothing worth saving and a clean start is necessary. What if you have a lot of invaluable content, or a store with products and sales? Sometimes the only problem is the look and feel, or the lack of functionality and you are looking for a website enhancement rather than starting again.

If your current website is a WordPress site then you could have a makeover without starting over. With WordPress, the content of your site is separate from the design. This means that you can have your website redesigned without losing the hard work you’ve previously put into it. You could have a complete look and feel change, or you can enhance it by making it responsive to use on phones and tablets. This could also be the time when you add the extra functionality that your website needs.

How do I begin?

The process starts with a discovery meeting to work out your goals, budget and timescale. A website analysis is performed on the current site to identify any problems that might arrive during the redevelopment. This becomes the plan and a proposal outlines all the identified work.

Once the proposal is accepted, your current site is backed up and then development starts using the standard process.

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