We begin with a meeting to really get to the bottom of why you need a website, who you are aiming it at, and what it can do to benefit your customers (and you!)

We will also look at how quickly you need your site and the budget you have available for this investment.

At the end of this stage, we will have a clear and concise proposal document that we can use as a basis for the project. You will know exactly what to expect from us and know your role.


We go away and produce a wireframe prototype. This is a website skeleton without the distracting images and colour that will enable us to sit together and make sure we have the correct website functionality and everything in the right places in the way you expect. 

Develop Functionality

The website is developed with forms, headers, footers and other functionality that will provide interaction with your readers.


After the structure and functionality of the website is signed off, the photos, colours, fonts and other features are added! We take your logos, your colours and any other materials you have to put together a comprehensive and cohesive design.


We give your site a thorough test before it’s ready to launch. We will test it on desktop and laptop computers, phones and tablets. We will also ensure that someone with a fresh pair of eyes tests the site.

The only thing worse than a tired old website is a new one that hasn’t been tested. Bad websites cost you your credibility, so we take this stage very seriously.


Your website is uploaded to your domain, everything is turned on, and blast off!

Then – you’re good to go!

Ongoing Care

After your website has launched we will provide you with 30 days free support to make sure that the website is working properly.

We also provide care plans for on-going maintenance and peace of mind.